You can now support Reese & The Monkeys with a gift to help fund Hippity Hop Pop. Mixing, Mastering, CD Album Art, and Distribution are next steps to complete the album. Any financial gift is welcome to support the efforts of bringing original, wholesome, fun, and funky music to kids. Thank you for your continued support. 
Love, Reese

Custom Song Creation

Special Commissions

Want to commission a one-of-a-kind song for a child or loved one?

I would love to specially craft a song just for you. It can be in any music style that you like. I'll provide charts, so you can play it yourself and a professional recording of your song so you can share with family, friends, and the recipient of the song. I'd also be happy to perform the song at a special event.

Please email:

  • My Morning Song
  • Some Girls
  • No P's & B's
  • Carousel
  • Cuckoo Blues
  • The Bath Time Song (Tub Soup)
  • A Perfect Blue
  • Some Boys
  • The Lesson
  • Shake Your Rump
  • A Good Fig

Hippity Hop Pop

Reese & The Monkeys