May 2016 Podcast with Dave Ponsford

In May's podcast, I interview high school pal and children's author, Dave Ponsford. He wrote "Fishin' Across America: The Adventures of Dave and Dusty". We explore fishin' holes, teaching, fun adventures, and how to "Follow your streams". 

No December Podcast for Winter Wonderland Jamboree

September 2016 Podcast with Maria C. Evans

Maria is a children’s author. She lives in Baltimore, Maryland and was most recently a school counselor for Baltimore City Public Schools. 

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February 2017 Podcast with Reese

Reese shares the basics of songwriting in preparation for the first Songwriting Workshop for Kids.

July 2016 Podcast with Reese

How do you make an album? Good question! This month, Reese shares with monkeys some behind the scenes, or behind the record, stories about how Hippity Hop Pop, her debut album, all started...

January 2017 Podcast with Reese

Reese offers an honest, thoughtful and heartfelt New Year's message to listeners.

August 2016 Podcast with Gary Earl

Grammy nominated music producer, mixer, multi-instrumentalist, and writer at Smashville Studio in Nashville, Tennessee. He's worked with Michael Jackson, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and many more rock and pop artists. He'll talk about his adventures as a fireman, actor, school teacher and music creator for Pokémon.

Tree to Tree with Reese & The Monkeys 

Kid's Podcast

October 2016 Podcast with Sarah Aroeste

Tree to Tree with Reese & The Monkeys welcomes Sarah Aroeste to the podcast. She's an award-winning children's music and Ladino artist focusing on Judeo-Spanish heritage and culture. Download her special Greek cookie recipe, Tadkliko, below. 

November 2016 Podcast with Hazel Monkey

Tree to Tree with Reese & The Monkeys welcomes back my monkey, Hazel to share how we first met. Set sail for an adventure. What a tale!! 

Reese & The Monkeys

April 2016 Podcast with Nataliya Johnson

Tree to Tree with Reese & The Monkeys welcomes the talented Nataliya Johnson to my first kid's podcast. She's the author of a literary-musical program for children called, "Read & Listen". She worked in Stockholm, Sweden for 5 years. She was also invited to a private school in Moscow, Russia to share the program. Johnson takes the simple idea of a literary story and combines it with classical music.

June 2016 Podcast with Reese

In June, Reese tells the tale of how Reese & The Monkeys came into being. Travel back in time as she lip syncs to Michael Jackson and discover some of her hidden talents. Why is Hippity Hop Pop called Hippity Hop Pop? Listen to find out!